Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 27 paleo.

Today was our follow up appointment with the naturopath. Wyatt gained a little over 3 lbs in almost 4 weeks and he is going in for some blood work to make sure his levels are all right (he is anemic). The dr said he is doing good and to keep it up. We will be introducing butter into our diet on the weekend and I am super excited :) He gave us some yummy tea too it is a mixture of Chamomile and holy basil, Wyatt and I both love it. We bought some peppermint tea a couple days ago and Wyatt has been loving that too.

I finally made it to the gym while Wyatt was in nursery school. I really have to make more time to get to the gym. I love the feeling after a workout. I got there and did a run then did a fitness class, I was in the lobby talking to someone and a friend literally hauled me by the arm to go into Zumba. this was my first time trying Zumba and i was not really a fan ( I have NO rhythm at all!) I will try it again just to give it a chance but I like my classes better.

I just found out that a local farm Tree and twig has a winter CSA. I am signed up for a summer CSA with a new small organic farm close to me. I love having one because sometimes you get foods you wouldn't normally eat so you get to look up new recipes :) I am excited to start my garden next year!

Today for breakfast we had crustless quiche with sausage in it. Lunch was salad with salmon on it and mixed veggies. Supper was jambalaya from paleo comfort foods. It was a little too spicy for me and my belly did not approve but Wyatt loved it and I am sure Alex and Mike will eat it right up. we made it with cauli-rice. I am thinking of making a stir fry tomorrow since I finally got coconut aminos and have not used them yet and that gives me a chance to use the cauli-rice.

The reason I should not be allowed to use my husband's sharp knives. If it wasn't for my finger nail I would have lost the tip of my thumb. 

veggies ready to saute 

simmering .. mmmmm

with some cauli-rice I didn't eat much since it was spicy but Wyatt ate 2 servings. 


Kristy said...

I have made the Cauli-rice twice now. I LOVE it!! I can't wait to check out the books :)

Kim said...

Try faux-tatoes too. it is mashed cauliflower and it is crazy close to potatoes but so much better for you. I will bring all my books with me when I come for my appointment :)

Jen said...

Can you post the recipe for the cauli-rice?

Kim said...

you just shred raw cauliflower then fry it in a pan. I use about a tablespoon of coconut oil and depending what I am eating it with I put different spices (with fish I added dried crushed lemon peel). Fry it until it is soft, I find it gets darker when it is done.