Saturday, November 10, 2012

Week 2 of eating Paleo - Day 8

Each day seems to be getting easier. I feel amazing during the day, no afternoon slump. I am loving our food choices and the delicious meals we are eating. The meals are a bit time consuming but not much more than my clean eating, I could do some prep ahead of time to make it easier. I really do love the meal plans that come in Practical Paleo! It makes life so much easier than trying to figure out what to eat. We have come off the plan a bit for this weekend (with visitors here) but still eating other Paleo recipes.

Breakfast today was pumpkin pancakes again (honestly they are so good!) with breakfast sausage. Lunch we had left overs and Wyatt had another pancake. Supper we had 50/50 burgers. these things are great but would have been much better with a bun :) They are 50% ground beef and 50% ground bacon (we got bacon strips from our butcher and ground them in our meat grinder) and added some spices, recipe from eat like a dinosaur. My husband was so excited to eat these! We had some sweet potato fries, butternut squash (left over) and carrots (left over) plus we had some shrimp skewers just because the kids love them. We made applesauce for dessert.

 Wyatt helping Mike grind the bacon, he loved this job!

 Making apple sauce

 mmmm... applesauce with cinnamon

 Burgers and shrimp on the BBQ

I put the burger in lettuce with a piece of tomato but didn't think of that until after I took the pic. We did have sweet potato fries too. 

 Wyatt really wanted me to take a picture of his plate too

 Sweet potato fries

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