Monday, November 26, 2012

Paleo day 25

I was just thinking as I wrote the title that in 5 days I will have to think of something else to write as my title .. lol .. this was originally just to show a couple friends what we were eating for the 30 days of eating Paleo. As most people know I am doing it longer and hopefully long term. I love that people have started changing the way they eat from reading how easy it was for us to change our eating. I know that this way is not for everyone but there are some great healthy recipes even if you are not eating Paleo.

This morning was a rushed morning so we just had a banana on the way out the door and Wyatt had some olives. Lunch was left over cauli-rice with some chicken and raw veggies (I should make a dip for veggies, I will search later for one). Supper tonight was spicy stuffed acorn squash (from paleo comfort foods) I made it with fresh made chicken sausage meat from a local farmer. It turned out so good, Wyatt loved that he could use the squash as a bowl. We also made chocolate chip cookies they taste great but they definitely do not look as yummy as the picture in Eat like a dinosaur which is where I got the recipe.

stuffed acorn squash


Chocolate chip cookies. They don't look the best but they tasted good.

Wyatt started Awana tonight. He loved it and I got to have a great chat with some of the women in our church :) He said he wants to go back next week so looks like he is now busy on Mondays nights and I have an hour and half free, yay!!

Wyatt tasting the cookies after mixing
He helps me every day in the kitchen and we have been working on safe cutting. He loves it and is getting really good. 

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