Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our classroom

When we built this house I always knew I wanted to put a classroom in the basement for homeschooling. Alex has a private tutor that works with him at our home so the class is great for them too actually since Wyatt is only 4 they use it more then we do. I love the classroom! I love the colour, the organization, and just the feeling in there. We just listed our house for sale and I will miss the classroom more than any other part of my house (Mike says he will just build me a new one).

Wyatt playing play-doh this morning in the classroom ( I just had to add this picture in)  

Looking in from the door 

the desks 

Alex loved these chairs and all the colours in the room are based around these chairs. The white board is magnetic too, I just took off all the magnets today (Wyatt has the Melissa and Doug letter and number wooden magnets that he loves to play with on the board).

One of the book shelves, our other one is in the play room and FULL of books! 

I love the closet! It is hard to really get a picture of it but it is 4' deep and 5' wide. 

Alex's tutor always hangs things on the wall for the kids :)

The room is 11x14 and all the furniture was from Ikea. We used a vinyl strip floor in there, it is great! We decided to get a desk top computer for the kids. It is not used often but has come in handy :) It took Mike, my father in law and my brother one week to finish this room, from framing to putting in the furniture. The longest part of the job was waiting for mud to dry on the drywall. Both kids love the room too and it is so nice to have a room that is just for them!

I took all the pictures with my iPhone so sorry if the quality is not the best. 

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