Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Paleo day 20

We were getting our house painted today so I tried to keep Wyatt out of the house as much as possible. We went for a drive and did some errands, went to the bamboo natural food market, stopped at the Harvest Barn, played on a train, went to a park and then stopped at the bank. I thought for sure he would nap but no luck so I spent the afternoon trying to keep him in the basement away from the painters.

I finally got some coconut aminos and some raw dark chocolate today from the Bamboo Market. I also tried some kombucha while there and decided to buy a blueberry one for home. It claims some pretty crazy health benefits check it out here. I tried the lemon and it was such a different taste that I couldn't even explain it, the closest would be like a beer vinegar. 

We stopped at a market (Harvest Barn) on the way home that sold produce and wine :) We got to make our own salad (sold by the pound) the ingredients were awesome! Wyatt loved picking his own food to put in the container. We had to skip most of it because there were quite a few pasta and potato salads and most pre made salads had dressing on them but we had a great selection of fresh foods too. Wyatt also loved playing on the wooden train outside and he told me that his dad will make him one if we move to the new house :)

Breakfast this morning was a banana and some bacon, we snacked shortly after leaving the house on more fruit. Lunch was our make your own salads at the Harvest Barn. Supper was left over salad from yesterday with sweet potato and lobster. 

We have been working with Wyatt on his letters everyday and I love the different activities I have found for him. I really should do 2 posts a day one for the eating and one for Wyatt's homeschool activities. 

It has been a long day and I am hoping Wyatt goes to sleep easily tonight. I would love to have a relaxing bath and then cuddle in bed and read my book. 

Awesome train at the Harvest Barn

This is the salad Wyatt made

Sweet potatoes and lobster (the salad was in a bowl)

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