Sunday, November 18, 2012

Paleo Day 17 and a 5k

This morning I had a 5k race and Wyatt came with me in the jogging stroller. He decided about 1/4 of the way through that he wanted to run and I let him. He was so cute he kept running and saying "it looks like I am winning" He lasted about a km running off and on then he asked to get back in the stroller and I got to finish the race. Clearly not my best time or anything but Wyatt loved it so much! It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day for the race.

Breakfast we had a fried egg and some fruit. Lunch we had eggs and sausage with bananas and oranges. We had Spaghetti Squash Bolognese and it was a huge hit!! I can't wait until tomorrow to have some leftovers :)

I had a donut today (I know I cheated but I am fessing up to it) There is something in donuts that my body does not like! I got the stomach cramps again within about an hour. It is crazy because I really didn't think it would happen from eating just one piece of food like that but it did. We will start reintroducing food again in January and I am now a little nervous. Wyatt had a cookie and a candy cane yesterday and I didn't see any difference in him other than that he didn't seem to eat as much yesterday or this morning. Tonight I was thinking about all the years of stomach pains, cramps and problems I have gone through and it is all because of a food that I could have eliminated years ago. It kind of peeves me off that after all the doctors I have seen not one had advised me to eliminate foods (other than spicy food).

My goals for this week is to get  to the gym more. Todays run killed me since I have not been working out much so my body did not want to run.

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