Sunday, November 25, 2012

Paleo day 24

Only 6 days left if the 30 day meal plan.

This morning Wyatt woke up and he still has his cold so he got to visit his grandparents while I went to church. I also stopped at the grocery store on my way home, sometimes I forget how fast you can run into a grocery store when you don't have kids with you.

For breakfast we had some banana pancakes and blueberries. Lunch we had chicken on mixed greens with raisins and egg (When I write down our meals sometimes they sound weird but it was good.. lol). Wyatt tried sardines today and LOVED them, he must get it from his dad I took a couple bites and pretended to like it for him but I am not a fan. Supper was Highliner pan seared tilapia (I know a boxed food but it was in the freezer and I forgot to pick up fish for supper) with cauli-rice, butternut squash and baked beets.

Highliner tilapia, butternut squash and cauli-rice

Wyatt eating sardines

Wyatt's behaviour has been amazing since we changed our foods. He has been a normal busy almost 4 yr old and I have not seen any of his out of control behaviour in weeks. He has had a couple treats at the parades and I got a little nervous but he was still good. Tonight about an hour after supper I seen his out of control behaviour back, he started tapping his foot like he used to when he just can't stop moving. It sounds bad but I was kind of disappointed because it meant it had nothing to do with food since we have not had any treats or anything out of the diet today. I then realized we had the boxed fish (this is now 2 hours after supper) I go downstairs and look at the ingredient list, it is pretty long with lots of stuff I can't pronounce. I am sure that something in that food is making him have this reaction again after 3 weeks of not having this issue at all. We go back to the naturopath on Wednesday and I will let him know the reaction.

It is snowing today and Wyatt is so excited to be able to make a snowman. There is not even close to that amount of snow but he keeps waiting for it :)

this is the snow we got today

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