Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 6 Paleo..ish eating.

Almost a week! I have made it 6 whole days .. lol. It is always so crazy when Mike is home and this week is a little crazier so I feel even more proud that we have done so well. We have learned to always have snacks for Wyatt with us when we leave the house. I feel great!! Wyatt says he can watch things better (no idea what he means by that but it seems like it is a positive thing) and the other day he told me he felt "lighter". I am sure he is feeling the difference like I am these last few days. The longer we do this the more I think I could do a version of this diet full time. 

For breakfast we had poached eggs and fresh fruit. Lunch we had leftover stir fry. Wyatt snacked ALL day on olives, raspberries, peppers, nuts and I am sure more, it seemed like he was eating all day. For supper we had lamb lettuce boats with avo-ziki sauce (this was a big hit in our house), asparagus baked with cumin and mashed butternut squash. Wyatt helped me make the sauce by scooping out the avocado for me and helped mix it all together with the hand mixer. We also made maple walnut ice cream for dessert but it was too late to eat it by the time we were done so we will eat it tomorrow night. 

Today I made up some more spice mixes. I finally bought a motar and pestal so I dried sage, thyme, lemon peel and rosemary then made salt spice mixes. Again the house smelled amazing all day :) 

 dried sage and sea salt.

The 4 salt spice mixtures

Lamb lettuce boats with avo-ziki sauce
All rolled up. they were so good! Mike and Alex both had seconds. 

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