Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 7 Paleo..ish eating

I forgot to take pics today :( I have 2 international students here for 4 days and today has been a busy day. We went to our farmer to get some grass-fed beef and got to see a baby cow, Wyatt loves going to the farm!

For breakfast today we had pumpkin pancakes, they were so good!! Both boys asked for more. For lunch we had our first experience at a restaurant with our restrictions. We decided we were going to go out for lunch but it was not as easy as it used to be, we chose a small restaurant hoping the would be able to accommodate. We could not have asked for a better place to eat they were so great working with us :) We all had salads Mike had a spicy chicken caesar (he's not on a Paleo diet), I had a shrimp and bacon salad without the cheese, and Wyatt had a garden salad with no dressing (he ate all my shrimp). Supper was citrus & herb whole roasted chicken with carrots and butternut squash (leftover). I also made some mustard glazed chicken thighs for the boys. I just noticed now that on the meal plan it also called for roasted rosemary roots .. oops, we were full with what we had anyway.

We had a full day out of the house today so first thing I did was pack snacks for Wyatt and I am glad I did. He was so good with all our running around. I notice that his behaviour is the worst right before supper so I think he needs to have a snack closer to supper.

With a full week gone this is what I have noticed. I have lost 9lbs, have more energy, sleep better, have not had any stomach issues since day 2 (for the first time in 15 yrs!), and I overall feel better. Wyatt has gained 1lb, has been calmer, easier to talk with, better behaved and sleeping better. I am going into this week with way more confidence and I am looking forward to see how we feel after 14 days!

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