Friday, November 23, 2012

Paleo day 22

My weight has stayed the same this week (I am still down 15lbs from when I started). Wyatt gained another pound to make it 3 pounds since we started!

Breakfast was eggs baked in bacon cups, I see it all the time using ham but I didn't have any. They were good! Lunch we had leftovers from supper last night so chicken and brussels sprouts with fennel. Supper was kind of a clean out the fridge night since tomorrow is grocery day. We had salmon, chicken, mixed veggies, broccoli and butternut squash that I made tonight. It was filling and I got the fridge cleaned out.

Wyatt woke up with a cold this morning so we stayed home and just hung out in the house all day. I had to put everything back in it's place after having the house painted so I got to really clean the floors under all the furniture before I put it all back. The main floor feels so clean with nice freshly painted walls. The basement is all cleaned and organized, the main floor is pretty much there now all I have to do is get my vacuumed fixed and clean the upstairs. Oh and clean all 3 bathrooms, I hate doing bathrooms and I would really pay someone to come in once a week and just clean my bathrooms.

baked egg in a bacon cup

supper :)

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