Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 14 of eating Paleo

Breakfast today was boiled eggs and left over chicken. Lunch was a mixture of finger foods and snacks. Olives, left over carrots and onions, grapes, boiled eggs and strawberries. We had a late nap and slept until 5:30 so no time to make the salmon I was going to have for supper instead we made Banana pancakes, they were yummy and it was nice not to have to clean up after a big supper :)

The new lunch bag and all the snacks that fit inside. Wyatt was going to his grandparents to have a play date with his cousin so we packed more than usual so he could share. He took flower cut honey dew melon, cucumber slices, bananas, kiwi, boiled eggs, apples slices, leftover chicken & veg, red peppers, meat, and coconut milk.

It has been 2 weeks now since we started and we continue to feel great! Wyatt has gained 2 lbs since we started and I have lost 12! I am still amazed at how well we are doing with it. I am going into wekk 3 with way more confidence :)

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