Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A homeschool day (day 26 Paleo)

I get asked often what I do with Wyatt at home for learning. We decided to keep him out of full day junior kindergarten that most people in Ontario now have the choice to send their kids to but he still goes to a 3 day morning nursery school program for this year. We have always planned on homeschooling him (I would love to until grade 4 but it might be less or more we will see what happens). At his age we don't really have a curriculum yet. We do play based learning and we work on letters and numbers. I usually do a letter, shape, colour and number for the week and try to bring one of those into whatever we are doing. I pick books, songs, colouring pages, tv shows and games based on those things.

I love the letter of the week from confessions of a homeschooler and Raising rock stars from 1plus1plus1equals1. We also use Handwriting without tears activities and hooked on phonics. There is not really a certain amount of things we do I let Wyatt pick what he would like to do while in the classroom. He almost always picks play-dough and cutting.

doing a letter A do a dot

getting ready to make an A after rolling out the dough

his A :)

This is just a couple of the things he does in a day. I will try to keep track a bit more on what he does in a homeschool day for those asking :) 

Today is day 26 of our Paleo eating. Tomorrow is our follow up appointment with the Dr, I have no idea what happens next but I will let you know tomorrow :) We feel amazing and I am sure this is long term. I am starting to get used to the prep and it is not as overwhelming as it was the first week. I need to get back into routine and start getting back to the gym. 

Breakfast this morning was boiled eggs and grapes. Lunch was mixed greens with chicken, mixed veggies and kale chips. Supper we had leftover stuffed acorn squash with some broccoli and green beans. 

We are reintroducing butter into our diet this weekend and I am excited to have the option of using butter again. I will not use it as much as I did before but having the option will be nice!

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