Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 10 eating Paleo

Mike went back to work this evening :( We had some company over for supper plus the students and my kids so it was a bit crazy and I forgot to take pictures. I did not think we would make it through the week of Mike being home and stay on the meal plan but we did!! I am so excited, we even had pizza in the house and Wyatt and I both skipped it. I am so proud that Wyatt is doing so great with this. 

For breakfast we had an omelette with spinach and peppers. Lunch was simple shrimp Ceviche, like a salad with shrimp and diced veggies in a lime/lemon olive oil sauce that we used cucumber slices to eat. It was pretty good except it had cilantro in it, I have realized I am really not a fan of cilantro. We also had some steamed mussels. For supper we had pesto shrimp with zucchini fettuccine, I loved the "pasta" and will make it again for sure but did not like the pesto on it (again with the cilantro). I ended up having some leftovers out of the fridge and so did Wyatt. Everyone other than us had regular pasta with pasta sauce. We had some applesauce for dessert. 

Our lunch :)

We are 1/3 through the 30 days and I am thinking we may keep this up for longer than 30 days. I feel so amazing and now that we have been doing it for a bit the cravings are not nearly as bad. Part of me would love to sit and watch tv with a big bag of chips but I know that I will feel like crap after. I have a race on the 18th (5k) and I am thinking I will feel way different after this one than I usually do. 

Tomorrow at "school" the kids are having pretzels. When I seen that on the calendar I was a little worried, I told Wyatt and he said it is ok because we have blueberries in the fridge and he will take those instead (again so proud!). 

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