Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 23 paleo

It is Saturday so market day :) I love going to the market! It was a cold one but we had a great breakfast and got to talk with amazing people like every Saturday. I love getting the fresh local produce but I also love the community part of the market. I learn so much every week :) You get to know the farmers and someone is always giving you a new idea on how to cook something. I am a huge supporter of buying local. I live very close to the american border and I can't tell you how many people I know that shop over there. If I can't afford to buy something local I will go without instead of crossing the border to buy (I will end the rant, that is a whole other post!). The market does not have as much in the winter but it is still a great place to grab what you can locally.

Our goodies from the market :)

Wyatt has been asking me to buy apples to make juice, we get seconds from a local apple farmer and we use our juicer to make fresh apple juice, the best part of our apple juice is I always use different types of apples so it never tastes the same :) We also picked up kale, butternut squash, leeks, carrots, brussels sprouts, beets, broccoli, acorn squash, grape juice and eggs. I always let Wyatt pick a bouquet of flowers too. It is still hard to walk by my favourite bakery without buying my regular strawberry cheese danish. Wyatt did get a piece of a cookie today though since I was talking and the guys gave him one before I noticed (we know these guys and they give him a cookie every week).

Wyatt juicing apples and pears
Our Apple pear juice, it was so good!
Breakfast was eggs and sausage with an apple. Lunch was chicken and fresh cut carrots, celery and broccoli. Supper was chicken sausages from a local chicken farmer (these are so good!!), raw cucumber, butternut squash and baked beets. I have not been following the meal plan as much now but I am way more confident in the meals I can make. I still love the book and use a lot of recipes from it just not necessarily the meal plan.

We went to another Santa parade tonight and of course Wyatt got another boat load of candy canes but he was so good about it and I let him have one again. Today I was reminded of the "it's only .." way of thinking. Last weekend it was only one candy cane and a cookie at the parade, today at the market it was only a half of a cookie, tonight it was only one more candy cane, next weekend it is only a piece of cake at a birthday party and then it is his birthday. He has not had any other "treats" at all but there just seems to be a lot of "it's only.." times right now.

This is all the candy he got at the parade. He got way more at the one last weekend.  He told me he will give it all to kids that don't get any candy.

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