Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 12 eating Paleo

I am excited that I am getting other people to buy Practical Paleo and try this way of eating. I can not say enough good things about how different I feel and how well we are doing on it. I understand it is not for everyone but it is great for us :) I should state that even though I am losing weight eating this way I did not start this with intent to lose weight I did it for our health and to eliminate foods to find which foods are bothering us.

I have decided over the last few days that instead of a 30 day challenge we are going to do a 60 day with a few exceptions, I am going to have a Paleo safe meal and snacks at Wyatt's 4th birthday party but I will be letting him have a birthday cupcake and on Christmas eve I will let him eat whatever he wants at the family party (hopefully he picks veggies but I am sure he will choose chips and candy).

Breakfast we had fruit in bed watching TV (it was that kind of morning). I read my book while he watched cartoons, it was actually fun. Lunch we had salad with chicken and berries with some raw veggies on the side and some fruit salad, we were visiting my aunt and just had a bunch of different things from the grocery store :) for supper we had the pork tenderloin I made last night but didn't get a chance to eat. I added some steamed spinach and some broccoli to it. I did not take a pic of it because I took a pic when I cooked the meal last night.

I should take a picture of the snacks we take with us when we leave the house. There is not always a quick and easy snack for Wyatt and I while we are out so I always bring stuff with me, he seems to eat way more now since we changed our foods too. I have little containers with different choices for him and I load up a lunch bag today I got a new lunch bag for him that will hopefully hold all his little containers. I got him a balanced day lunch kit and we will see tomorrow how it works. I will take a picture for sure :) When I unpack his lunch bag after we get home I leave all his little containers on the door in the fridge where he can reach them easily and he gets to use those when he has a snack, he loves it! 

I got some Christmas presents for the boys today. I can't believe it is only 6 weeks away! I don't know how the holidays seem to sneak up on me every year. We don't put a tree up until the weekend before Christmas and we usually do our inside decorating after Wyatt's birthday (the 9th). I do advent bags that hang on our railing and they have to be up by the 1st so I feel like I should get on that. Mike will hang the outside lights up when he gets home the first week of December. Where did this year go?

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