Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 4 Paleo..ish eating

Why do I call it Paleo..ish? We are following a strict Paleo diet right now but will not be after the 30 days. There are different versions of Paleo and some are stricter than others. I say Paleo..ish because the plan I am following may not be the same as someone else. I am following the digestive health meal plan from Practical Paleo.

Today was a busy day since my husband came home from work (he works away and is home for a week every 2-3 weeks). We had our first real problem finding something to eat today. We were at the airport (it is a very small one) and the only food they had there was Tim Horton's (we can not eat any food from there) and 2 vending machines with chips and chocolate bars. Of course W was starving, I was going to get a wrap from Tim Horton's and just throw out the wrap. Finally dh's plane showed up so we didn't have to worry about it. Did you know that Tim Horton's does not have an ingredient list for any of their food? The guy handed me a nutrition guide and I told him I needed ingredients, he just said that is all he has and he has no way of finding out what is in the food.

For breakfast this morning we had fruit (honeydew melon, grapes, raspberries and apple). Lunch was left over honey glazed chicken thighs with random other left overs from the weekend (kind of a clean up lunch). Dh was home for supper and we had pan seared scallops with cauli-rice and oven roasted butternut squash. It was a big hit!!

I am exhausted and going to bed early. I will let dh put the kids to bed :)

Again no gym today, this food prep and cooking takes all my time .. lol

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