Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 9 eating Paleo

I am so proud that we have stayed on track. It is one of those things that I kept thinking in the back of my head that we couldn't do it but we have :) The food has been so good and I love trying new things! I am shocked I have liked everything so far I am not a picky person but I usually stick to the meals I know.

For breakfast this morning we had fruit on our way to the market then had some fresh hot apple cider there and an apple. Lunch we had some kale chips and apple streusel muffins. Supper was balsamic braised short ribs with candied carrots and steamed broccoli. (I was not a fan of the ribs, they turned out too tough for me)

 Apple streusel egg muffins

 Ribs on the BBQ

 The huge apple Wyatt got at the market today

Short ribs with broccoli and candied carrots

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