Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 3 - Paleo..ish eating

The time changed last night and for most people this means their children will get up an hour earlier. In my house it was the opposite, My son was peacefully sleeping and I was up at 4am :( This extra couple hours gave me a chance to get some paper work done, pay some bills and watch shows I had recorded that I never get a chance to watch. So it wasn't completely bad. I did sneak a small nap in before supper.

Breakfast was crustless quiche, fruit (I had an orange and W had a banana), raisins and fresh made juice (we put apples, kale, raspberries and a pear). Lunch was poached eggs, bacon, left over sweet potato pancakes and W had some left over baked beets and a pear for snack right after lunch. I have never seen him eat so much! For supper we had mustard glazed chicken thighs with cauli-rice (shredded cauliflower fried in coconut oil) and steamed green beans.

We managed to get out of church without the snacks after. W really wanted to stay but I told him we were in a hurry so we couldn't (not completely true but he loves the cookies they have after church). I was starving too so I really did want to get going. On the way home he told me he doesn't like special food anymore.

Today I made up some of the spice mixtures for the recipes this month. My house smells delicious! They are in containers and labeled. I feel like the only things in my cupboards right now are spices and canned salmon/tuna.

My husband comes home tomorrow and things are always harder to stay on track when he is home. He has been very supportive of our decision to make these changes but I am not sure how he is going to like it. We also have 2 international students staying with us for the weekend. I am sure some boys will be sneaking out for fast food. Wish me luck!

W and I went for a great, chilly, early morning run. Well I ran while he sat back wrapped in a nice warm cozy blanket looking at books in his jogging stroller. I don't know what I will do when he is in between being old enough to run with me and too old for the jogging stroller. I am lucky that A loves to run with me.

I bought an ice cream maker for our Kitchen Aid mixer today. I am so excited to try it out with coconut milk and fresh fruit. we also picked up a cute little food cutter that cuts fruit into flowers. W is pretty excited about it. 

I had a talk with W today about his school snack tomorrow, he seems ok with not being able to have fishy crackers tomorrow and he helped me pack a special snack. He chose to have raspberries and olives with some vanilla coconut milk. His behaviour today seems to be better. I think he is listening better but it could have nothing to do with the food and just be a good day. We will see how the rest of the week goes. 

I feel like I ate too much crap today between eggs, bacon and chicken thighs I feel like I should go to the gym .. lol. It really is harder than I thought to have no grains in my diet. My body is feeling great and I have had energy but my brain wants to have other foods. I think W is actually doing better with it then me at times. 

Honey glazed chicken thigh, cauli-rice and steamed green beans. It was really good!

W helped me shred the cauliflower. I was not sure about this but it turned out really good. the recipe called for fresh cilantro but I am not a fan so I ate it with just some black pepper. 


Kristy said...

That cauli-rice looks really good! I think I'll try that :) This is soo intriguing, I would love to check out the cookbook that you have :)

Kim said...

maybe we should have a playdate .. LOL