Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 1 of the new meal plan

so technically it should be day 2 but I didn't get everything out of the house in time or the food bought that I needed so today is day 1 :)

Today I cleaned out my fridge, freezer and cupboards. I am the type of person that will eat it if it is here (My friend loved the grocery delivery this afternoon). W had a hard time letting go of the peanut butter and "monkey balls" which is organic gorilla crunch (his fav!!). I have been explaining to him that we are going to eat a little bit different for a bit and that it will make us healthy his response was that he is not sick .. lol. A, being 10, is not a fan of the changes at all he keeps asking me what he is going to eat I told him FOOD.

So today was day 1 of the meal plan and I have to say that I love having it all mapped out for me. I am going to be a bit out of my comfort zone but I think that is great for everyone. Today I tried fennel for the first time and I have never baked beets before, both were a huge hit with the boys!

Breakfast we had apples and grapes (while running late for school) and some coconut milk. Lunch was kale chips and chicken with mixed greens. Supper was grilled garlic flank steak with peppers & onions along with baked beets with fennel and orange slices. Water was with all meals except breakfast. We had a banana for snack and some homemade apple sauce, I feel like we must have eaten more :)

This looked way better in the cookbook but it tasted delicious!! 

I am basing the majority of my meal choices around Diane Sanfilippo's meal plans in her book Practical Paleo. This book is so awesome for so many reasons. I went grocery shopping today with a list right of out the book for the meals in the meal plan this week. She has 11 different meal plans and tons of information in this book! 

I missed the gym this morning because I was at the grocery store and then the butcher learning about cuts of meat and the different food I am gong to be eating. It really was an informative morning. 

So tomorrow is another day and I am hoping that W comes around and stops asking for "monkey balls" and peanut butter :)


Kristy said...

Thats so awesome! Why Paleo? Why not just cut out the unhealthy things?

Kim said...

I am not fully doing Paleo. Just happened to be with the things I was eliminating I was pretty much following a Paleo diet. It really helped to find recipes. The plan really was never to follow Paleo :)

Crystal said...

Kim, Can you come and get my child to eat?? I am so jealous that you can get your children to eat these things! A will eat nothing ever!!! She comes home from school and her whole lunch hasnt been touched! I normally pack her chicken breast cut up, pickles, goldfish and a bear claw. I have tried sending her with fruits and veggies and she doesnt touch them! She just looks at something and says "Mommy
I don't like that" Im like youve never even tried it! And if I make her taste it, she gags... like im poisoning her!!! Grrrr so frustrated!

Kim said...

I say all the time that I am so lucky that he is not at all picky. He LOVES veggies and will try anything I put in front of him. He just doesn't eat very much of anything or often. I am amazed at how well he is doing with all this new food and the fact that he is now eating like crazy!! I have no advice on how to get any kid to eat different foods. My step son is also a very good eater but he will eat lots of everything too :)