Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wyatt's new toys :)

Out of all the toys Wyatt got for Christmas his favourite thing to play with the last few days has been an ice cube tray with poms poms and a pair of little tongs.

He loves his Do a dots he got for Christmas and had a blast stamping every box he could find (and the dog)

He got so many neat things for Christmas but most have been packed away already waiting for the room to use them at the new house.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the follow! Following you back!

Debra said...

Hi Kim,
Your little Wyatt seems happy playing with the ice cube tray and pom poms. What a cutie!
Meet your newest follower.
Hope you'll swing by and visit me too.
Happy New Year!

Frugal Invitation said...

Thanks for stopping by my new Welcome Wednesday blog hop! I am am now following you! Thanks for stopping by and linking up this week. Hope to see you again next Wednesday!

P.S. It's the simple things in life, right?

Happy New Year!
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Jen said...

Ice cube tray? That is funny!! Kids like what they like! ;-)

Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

Oh, and I'm doing a perfume giveaway right now if you're interested!

Melly said...

Hi there! Thanks for Following we're happy to have you with us. Just a side note...we host a blog Hop every Monday & you welcome to join in. Let me know how those biscuits turn out for you!
Happy New Year & many blessings,

Kim said...

sounds great melly. I will be there on Monday and I will let you know after the weekend how the biscuits turn out. Well I will let my boys do the review :)

Mo 'Betta said...

I am so giving my son an ice cube tray and a pair of tongs!

Kim said...

over the last few days he has found different things to put in the tray too. He has had cheeries, Kix, jingle bells, water (of course)

Kimberly said...

Hey, that is a montesorri thing.. the tray, pom-poms and tweezers..LOL

I remember my boys doing that (with beans and small tweezers when they were a bit older)

(visiting from Blog Hop Thursday)