Thursday, December 2, 2010

When to decorate for Christmas??

When to decorate for Christmas?? I am the type of person that puts my tree up days before Christmas. I start making Christmas ornaments and preparing for the holiday around December 1st but I do not put any decorations up until around the 12-15th and no tree up until the 20th at the earliest. Wyatt's birthday is in the beginning of December so it is great to not focus on the holidays too much before his birthday so he still gets his own special time. Growing up we always decorated our tree on Christmas eve and we loved it! This year I think we will start decorations on the 14th and the tree is going up on the 21st.

When do you start decorating for the holidays and put your tree up? Is there a reason you do it when you do?


Anonymous said...

I tend to decorate early. My house is usually decorated the last weekend of Nov and I usually have my tree up and decorated by the 1st weekend in Dec (it's an artificial). I like to decorate early because of 2 reasons...

1. The Christmas season seems to go by so fast, I like to make it last as long as possible!!!! I LOVE Christmas!!!!

2. It takes so damn long to put up all the decorations, lights and tree, it seems like you just put it up and then need to take it all down if you wait too long!!!

Now that being said, THIS year, my inside is decorated, the tree is up and lit but not decorated as of yet (hoping to squeeze that in this weekend some time) and the outside is half lit up, but is as good as its going to get. Alot of our outside lights did not work this year, so we decided to make do with what we have and buy all new lights after Christmas to save some money.

**Ashley P** said...

Well, as a kid we always decorated right when December starts and the tree always went up when we felt like it. Since I am here this year, we decorated and had tree up weekend before december! I love Christmas and this time of year.

Kim said...

I love the holidays (I don't know if I love it as much as you and Raegan .. lol) but I find I get tired of all the decorations and tree by the time Christmas comes if I do it all too early. I love going to other peoples houses early and seeing all the decorations :)

We are doing the same thing with buying Christmas stuff this year Deanna. We are staying at my mom's still while waiting for the new house to finish being built so we are going to buy new stuff after Christmas for the new house :)