Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Christmas tree

Every year we let Alex pick out the tree and now that he is 8 the tree is looking better (we have had some really interesting trees in the last 5 years). This year we let him decorate the whole thing too, Wyatt helped a bit but mostly he just kept taking the candy canes of to eat.

Because we are waiting for our house to be finished most of our stuff is in storage. We couldn't find our bulb box so we had to go to Walmart and buy a couple packs to decorate. The kids get a new ornament every year and it is always exciting to bring out the ones from years before, I guess next year will be extra special since they didn't get to see them this year.

The kids get a gift bag every year full of goodies for the tree. This year in their bags they had 2 Hallmark ornaments (since we didn't have any ornaments and they had some 50% off), candy canes, chocolate santa/bulbs, some little ornaments from the dollar store and some jingle bells. Wyatt doesn't really get excited for the bags but Alex can't wait on tree decorating day to see what he got in his bag.

Next year we are going to do 2 trees at the new house. One will be a real tree in our living room and the second will be a fake tree in the basement for the kids to decorate with all homemade ornaments. I am so excited to have our own house again! 93 more days until we move in :)

I think Alex did a great job for an 8 yr old and I might just leave it like this :) He is very proud of it!

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