Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Melissa and Doug's amazing customer service

I had ordered some Melissa and Doug sets a couple weeks ago and we were so excited to receive them to play with. When we opened our package we noticed there was something wrong with 2 of the sets. I was not sure what to do since I am not the type to complain but we pay good money for the quality of Melissa and Doug. I emailed them on Monday morning to make them aware of the issue and to my surprise I received a response this morning (Tuesday). The woman I spoke to was great and totally understood my worries about the toys (she called to talk to me personally instead of just through email). She is replacing both sets! It is so nice to actually speak to a person and such a polite person at that.

I have been a fan of Melissa and Doug for a long time and the service I received today proved to me how great of a company they are!

Thank you Melissa and Doug for your great customer service and great quality toys!


Sarah said...

Melissa and Doug are my fav brand os toys. good to know they have good customer service as well

Avery said...

They have AMAZING customer service. I had an issue with something as well, but I didn't want that one specific piece replaced so we opted for one of their huge sticker books, which my daughter loved. Everything was so quick, they are super understanding, friendly, and speak english lol

Kim said...

I know Avery ;) They are great though and I am impressed!