Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I am determined to learn how to use Twitter this year. Since there is just over a week left I should really get on it. For some reason I am having a hard time 'getting' what Twitter is all about. I need a kid to come explain it to me I have had several people tell me that I should have links from my blog to Twitter but I don't quite get it. I will let you know how my experience goes over the next couple days with learning how to use it. Any tips would be great :) I know I will probably get started then realize how easy it is. My Twitter name (?) is Kimhere2 feel free to stop by and leave a comment or advice :)


**Ashley P** said...

I have an account, but don't know much after that...I do know that it is easy to set up :)...then it is all down hill from there haha

Deborah said...

Twitter - oh my, for me it is something that is just a bunch of extra work! LOL! But twitter is really different than all other tools I use and there are some very avid users that I reach on Twitter and no where else so I share my resources there just I do on Facebook. The difference though is that Twitter is short spurts of conversation that can go on all day long. I just don't have the time to stay live on Twitter so I just check in once or twice a day and try to keep up the best I can! Best wishes with your tweets!

Kim said...

I am on there and following people now I just have to figure out how to link my blog with it. I think I just have to tweet about the blog and leave a link right? I will get the hang of it . I follow you know Deborah :)