Sunday, December 5, 2010

The end to another week

So I am a little behind on Wyatt's stuff this week because we have been so busy doing crafts and I have been sewing like crazy! I am just finishing up some more beanbags for Christmas gifts and I finally finished the rest of the spinny spellers. So tonight while I was cleaning up Wyatt's toy room I decided to switch his books since we have been on the letter S for a week now. I think we will do some extra time working with the letter S because we have not taken the time on it much. We are doing J for Christmas week so I think we will just continue with S until then.

Wyatt got a package in the mail from his Grampy today for his birthday and got a ball tent. He loves it!! (I would have loved it better if it had come with an air compressor) We are going to get him some more balls for it and use it at his birthday party. He loves putting the balls through the holes on the side. We have been using this as a great opportunity to work on colours with him, he knows all the names but doesn't point to the right colour :)

My little man is getting so big! He has been stumped on puzzles for awhile and I just keep introducing them to him. On Friday he picked this one up and got them all in by himself out of the blue :) Now he is hooked so I brought out a couple more for him and he is loving them. Again another opportunity for working on colours.

Wyatt has been playing with his baby doll a lot lately. He likes being a little daddy and feeds his "baby Joe", tickles him, reads to him and plays with him. While I was getting a diaper to change Wyatt's bum he had to have one for baby joe too. He had to pick the diaper himself and has chose a new one everyday since then. I have so many small cloth diapers in storage and I wish I knew where they were so I could get some for Wyatt to play with. These ones are larges and too big for baby Joe. Wyatt has been learning how to undo the snaps which is great until he starts undoing his own diapers :) I had to switch him to snap diapers a couple months ago because he figured out how to undo the velcro ones and every time I got him out of bed he had no diaper on.

I will post Wyatt's books of the week tomorrow :)

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