Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spinny Spellers

One day while I was looking through the different blogs I follow I found this spinny speller on counting coconuts. I loved it and knew I could make one too. My brother cut some 1 1/2" blocks out of oak for me, sanded the corners smooth and drilled a hole through them, then cut me some 1/4" dowel and I bought the wooden knobs for the end, my brother just had to drill the hole a bit bigger in the end for the dowel to fit in. (you can buy the blocks at Michael's but my brother wanted to cut them out of one piece of wood to save me money) I painted them and stencilled the letters on. They were so simple to make (for me, since my brother did all the wood work for me .. lol) and I am sure the kids are going to love them!

These spinny spellers are so great for pre readers. Some of the words they make are just nonsense and some are actual words but they are great for teaching how sounds go together and how not all sounds will make a word. I think it is great for a little bit older (4-6) to show them how if you change one letter you change the sound of the word.

The "cvc" (consonant-vowel-consonant) words are great because they are simple words that are easy to pronounce.

I used the same letters that counting coconuts did since they make quite a few real words.

Block 1 - B,C,H,M
Block 2 - A,E,O,U
Block 3 - D,G,P,T

Thank you counting coconuts for such a great idea!

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