Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snowman crafts

This morning we woke up and it started snowing so we decided to do a snowman craft. We have started the letter S this week so it is really neat that it started snowing :)

Wyatt's snowman today :)

We used a piece of printer paper and drew on 3 circles for the snowman so Wyatt knew where to glue the cotton balls, glue, cotton balls, some scrap material for the scarf and hat (you could also use construction paper, I just happen to have some scraps on the table), googly eyes and gems ( I wanted to use little black pom poms but Wyatt wanted the gems so I let him. I wanted to do a mouth and nose but Wyatt didn't want to put anything else on it.

He is working hard and concentrating on gluing the cotton balls.

This is the start of our winter theme in the front room. I made the snow man and Wyatt helped me stick it to the wall.

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