Friday, November 26, 2010

Toddler water play

Wyatt absolutely loves playing with water. Now that the weather is too cold, and we had to put away his sand/water table for the winter, we had to find another way for Wyatt to play with water. He moves the chair over to the sink and signs and says water over and over. So I decided why not just let him play with it, it is just water and cleans up easily. Surprisingly he is very good with it, of course he does get some water on the floor but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

 We turn the tap on as low as it will go to get some water in the sink (I find the longer it takes to put water in the sink the better since he likes to play with the water as it is coming out) with the plug in and about 1 1/2" of water I give him different size cups, measuring spoons and small containers. He pours water from one to the other, he seemed to figure out yesterday that some cups are smaller than others so he can't pour a whole big cup of water in it. I love watching him explore and learn!!

This picture is from last week when he was playing in water and he has done it everyday since.

Wyatt has also been working on colors, he really only seems to want to learn green and blue :) This is him trying find the blue one, he got very upset when he found that there was no blue in his handful of pencil crayons. 


**Ashley P** said...

so cute and grt idea! My son has a fishing bath game we play in the sink since he can never get enough.

Kim said...

I never thought of using the magnet fishing bath toys in the sink! Thanks for the idea, he loves his set!