Saturday, November 13, 2010

busy days

I have had a couple busy days with lots of kids and early mornings. It has been warm enough out that the kids and I have been playing out in the leaves as much as we can. We have done tons of colouring and games but no pictures for the last few days. Wyatt has just started really playing with other kids now instead of just around them, it is so much fun to watch him grow into a little boy. He has been talking like crazy this week too :)

I finally got out today and picked up the fabric for Wyatt's quilts. I have 4 months to figure out how to sew 3 twin quilts and a double. This is my first attempt but I am sure with help from my wonderful mom I will get it done :) I am going to take some pictures along the way. Wish me luck!

I am so excited that I won a giveaway on Family Treasures , I won two reusies snack bags. They are a great environmentally friendly choice instead of using plastic bags. I can't wait to get these home and try them. Check out their site here

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