Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas parties

It seems too early to be making christmas plans but it is actually only 47 more days!! I am making plans for our Christmas card making party with the kids and our Christmas cookie party. Wyatt's second birthday is coming up too, SECOND birthday! Wow time flies!

We had a busy day today and Wyatt and some friends helped me make brownies. No pictures today of our activities.

Wyatt has been using the potty today :) I have not pushed potty learning at all with him I am in no hurry but he seems to be very interested in it. I had him in big boy underwear and he looked so cute :)

This week we will be doing our Remembrance day crafts, still doing letter D, going to try to make it to the library a couple times and hopefully getting together with some friends for a few play dates this week. Should be a fun filled time.

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