Tuesday, November 9, 2010

early morning crafts

Wyatt decided this morning he wanted to do a craft while he was eating breakfast. So I let him do a paper plate chick I had prepared last night. He did pretty good, I told him where to put the glue and he stuck everything on himself (I had to straighten the beak for him).

"See mommy see"

Playing peek a boo with the chick

Alex taught him how to drink the milk out of his cereal bowl when he is done. 

Yes I know my kid is standing in his highchair but he was done and I wanted to take pictures and he wouldn't sit for them.

We have a couple more things planned for today. After staying up late with Tish looking at sites I got tons of new ideas to start. I am hoping to get some felt food done today, I can't wait for Thursday since Fabricland is having a 50% off sale and I can get the fabric for Wyatt's beanbags and the kids blankets and curtains. I will be busy for the next little bit.

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