Thursday, November 25, 2010

Books of the week

I wrote this blog last week and forgot to post it. I guess I will be doing another one when I switch his books up for "S is for snowman" on the weekend.

Every week (or two) we rotate the books for the kids. I try to choose books that have something to do with a holiday at the time or the letter we are doing that week. I always put in some of Wyatt's favorites too. He loves books and will bring me books all day to read. I am still only putting board books on his shelf that is accessible to him (since he still likes ripping pages out) but I bring out other books to read to him too. I am going to list the board books he has for the week on here and then daily I will try to list other books we read through out the day.

We read "Goodnight Gorilla" every night (sometimes 2 or 3 times) he loves that book!! I have tried to read other books at night and he won't have anything to do with it.

This week and last we have been working on the letter T, it is so cute when Wyatt sees a T now he will say t,t,t, Tee. He has been learning how to sound out the letter :) I tried to put books out for him that has something to do with the letter T.

"Brown bear, brown bear" by Eric Carle, this is just a favorite of his.
"Manny's book of tools" by Disney
"Tractors" an Usborne touchy-feely book
"Signing time books 1-3" by Rachel Coleman, these are favorites of Wyatt's and almost always on our shelf.
"Thomas and the dragon" Thomas and Friends
"Noisy building site" an Usborne busy sounds book
"animal homes" baby einstein
"touch and feel animals (baby animals, farm, wild animals)" DK books
"Transportation words" by Bright baby touch and feel
"Sylvester and the alphabet" a Looney tunes book
"Tractors and trucks" a touch and learn book
"my first book of numbers" Baby Einstein
"Let's go" Baby Einstein
"God knows all about me" by Kate Toms
he has about 10 little tiny board books on all different subjects by Bright baby
"Trucks" Little hands

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