Saturday, November 27, 2010

Finished bean bags

I am so excited that I finished a whole set. I did 32 because I doubled up some letters. These were so easy to make and I am going to post step by steps tomorrow.

This is my finished set :)

The kids have been playing with these like crazy. The older ones have been spelling all kinds of words and Wyatt likes to throw them into his drum.

We went to the Christmas parade today and it was so cold that I didn't even think of bringing out the camera. We had our first snow flakes today during the parade :) The only 2 days of the year I absolutely love snow is the Christmas parade and Christmas day.


**Ashley P** said...

i love these!!!!!!!

Kim said...

They were so fun to make :) Some of them have the letter that matches the pattern such as C is for cat, P is for puppy, T is for trucks and tools ..... I would love to do a whole set like that but I just wanted to get them all done.

3G=Growing Godly Girlz said...

Sooo cool-you should totally sell them on etsy!

Kim said...

I have been told that. This is my first set and I had so much fun making them and I think I will look into something in the new year.