Sunday, November 14, 2010

T is for train

Wyatt starts the letter T tomorrow. We have the "letter of the week" curriculum from confessions of a homeschooler. This week is T is for turtle. I am excited to do some of the crafts we have planned for this week :)

We have a busy week coming up, Mike comes home on Thursday, we have a christmas card making party on the weekend with some friends, I would love to start Wyatt's quilt, we are starting to make christmas gifts too so I think for Thursdays craft day we are going to make christmas tree ornaments, and of course our normal craziness with 3 one year olds in the house :)

I tried to find a train craft for Wyatt and he was being way too impatient. So I just put something together for him to make now. It turned out pretty cute if you look past the actual shape of the train since I just drew it for him. He used Alpha bits cereal for the loads in the train cars and cotton balls for the smoke. I helped him place the cars then he did the wheels on his own :)

  One of the little girls I babysit (4 yrs old) was watching my brother use a miter saw to cut trim and she was amazed by it. He saw her watching and asked her if she wanted him to make her a picture frame. She was so happy and we got ready to start decorating. We had to glue it to a pizza box because we didn't have enough time to wait for wood glue to dry. It turned out cute and she was so proud of it. Earlier in the day while I was getting Wyatt's craft ready for him she asked me what I was doing, I told her I was getting a craft ready for Wyatt to do. She got all excited and said she wanted some too, so I got it all ready for her and sat her down at the table. She looked at me and asked me where her craft was, I told her it is in front of her she just has to glue it together. She looked at me confused and said that is not Kraft Dinner! LOL It was so funny, we had to have Kraft Dinner for lunch after that because she drove me nuts all day saying I told her we were having some.

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