Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011 (and a nap!)

Last night I stayed home with a 18 month old, 22 month old, a 2 yr old and a 7 year old. It has most definitely been interesting! My little guy (2) woke up at 10pm and stayed up until 11. I thought for sure once I went to bed I would be good to go with all the little ones sleeping OMG I was wrong! the 7 yr old and I stayed up until 1am playing Wii games until everyone got home from the concert then went to bed. On our way upstairs the 22 month old woke up, she was up for about 30 mins and I put her back to bed after changing her bum. She cried when I put her down which woke up the 18 month old so for about an hour I had 2 of them up but at least the 2 yr old was sleeping. I put everyone to bed again and all was quiet for about 10 mins then the 18 month old started crying again woke up the 2 yr old, this continued until 4am when finally all were asleep with one of them in our bed and they all switched cribs/playpens. I was woke up at 7am so it will be an interesting day until all these kids go home and Wyatt goes for a nap because I NEED one today!! I got pictures of the little ones partying in the middle of the night being funny. I wouldn't say it was fun being up all night but they were all so cute it so it could have been worse. All in all it was a good New Year's eve.

I apologize to the parents of all the kids I had last night because they will have some tired little ones today!

It is my wonderful husband's Birthday today and the kids and I will be making him some cupcakes. I will be sure to get some pictures of the boys baking. Both of my boys love to bake! I am going to let Alex pick something to cook for supper for his dad, he is getting so independent and loves to try to do most of the cooking by himself.

I hope everyone had a safe New Year's eve! Even being awake most of the night I had a great time last night and can't wait for all the new beginnings 2011 has to bring (hopefully in the first 24 hours at least one nap!)


CP said...

Hello! Nap sounds good

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Kim said...

I already did and it's posted on my blog ;)

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Happy new year!!