Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cleaning day

The holidays are over and it is time for me to get my house back in order :) We went to see the new house today and the only thing left to do is the kitchen to go in. It looks so beautiful and I can't believe it is going to be ours in just 11 1/2 weeks :)

I think I am going to set the boys up with a craft and try to get hubby to help me get some things done around here. We have been packing more stuff getting ready to move but there is so much to do in this house before he leaves for work on Wednesday. My husband works on the other side of the country and is away for 14 days then home for 6 so we try to get as much as we can in while he is home. We were so lucky to have him home for 4 weeks over the holidays and it is going to be hard on the kids when he leaves this time since they are so used to having him home now.

I love flylady and am hoping to get back on track with her daily routines. I have always been a very routine person (maybe to a fault) but living at my mom's and most things being in storage the last year haas been crazy. I can't wait to get everything back and start organizing the new house. If you have never heard of Flylady check her out HERE!! The beginner baby steps are great and after awhile it really makes a difference in your house :)

I also got an award today and the post for that is coming later this afternoon! I am so excited to write that post and except my award :)

Well I am off to get some more laundry done and clean something. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Thanks so much to all the new followers I am loving this blogging community :) I have my first giveaway coming next week and I can't wait to see how it goes.


Grace Matthews said...

How exciting!

Happy New Year!!

Fellow Blog Hopper:)

April said...

hey there, i'm following from Relax and Surf! i hope you can stop by my blog and follow back :)