Friday, January 14, 2011

Night diaper success

Well I have had 4 nights in a row now with no leaks!!

 I am so excited, I have been trying for months to find a diaper that won't leak at night. Mind you I have found diapers that have worked at different times. For his first year we used Applecheeks and they were great! Then they started to leak for some reason and I have been on the search since for the perfect night diaper. I have to admit I gave up for a couple months and just used disposable at night but when it came to buying another box of diapers I just couldn't do it (especially with the amount of cloth I own). The last 4 nights I have had success. Night one was a flip cover with the stay dry insert, a Blueberry insert and an Applecheeks hemp insert. It is HUGE on his bum but works great! Night 2 we used a Thirsties cover with the same inside and again no leaks. Night 3 we did the flip again and no leaks .. hehe I have been getting excited about this. Night 4 the Thirsties cover with the same inserts and dry in the morning! Tonight I changed it a bit and took out the Blueberry insert and put in a thinner one with the hopes of being able to have a smaller night diaper for his comfort.

We will see how tomorrow goes but I am feeling way better about cloth at night :)


Ash and Rowe said...

Wow sounds like you have a nighttime super soaker! Glad you found something that works!

I'm following you back from Mon. the 10th! Thanks for the follow!

Ash from The Adventures of Ash and Rowe

Tat said...

Great! The days always seem brighter if you can get some sleep at night.

Regi:Create said...

we've had pretty good luck with wool at night. I'm following you now... cute blog!