Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Clothing labels

I found some clothing labels I love. I blogged a couple weeks ago about trying to find great labels for the kids clothes, toys, books or shoes. I wanted something Canadian ( I try to support Canadian companies when I can). I found Olivers labels and they are so cute! I would take pictures of the ones we got but I put our last name on them so I could use them for both boys. We got the crossbones design which is so great for boys! They had some really cute designs to choose from.

I love how affordable they are too. you can get a preschool package for just $33.99 with 20 large labels, 14 shoe labels, 35 stickeez clothing labels and 1 large bag tag. They have more packages available too with more labels in them or they have a starter package for less money if you just want to try them out.

My favourite feature they offer is "found it", they put a code on your labels and if someone finds your article with the label on it they can email the address on the label and give them the code number. Oliver's labels will email you with details on where your article with the label on it is. I think this is great and can be so useful when you have school age kids!

They also have photo tags now. I have not tried these yet but they are so cute. They are a 50mm X 50mm sticker with a picture of your kids face on it. I think I may have to try these ones out soon :)

They are also waterproof, which is great for sippy cups and toys. They are weather proof, scuff proof, tear resistant, they are made of high performance vinyl with super strong adhesive. They are so cute and bright!

I have put our sippy cups in the dishwasher with the labels on and they have been great. I also have some in Wy's shoes and on his coat. I was amazed how great they were in his shoes, I thought for sure they would peel off but they are still going strong :)

You can use these labels for allergies as well. If your child has a peanut allergy you could put a label on his things to remind people not to give him peanuts!

You have to check these labels out (even if you are not in the market for them right now) they have some of the cutest designs you have to check out! go to http://oliverslabels.com and see the huge selection of labels, packages and designs they have.

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