Saturday, January 15, 2011

clothing labels

I have been trying to find labels for the boys shoes and backpacks. There are so many out there and some really cute ones! I have been thinking how I am going to get enough labels for both kids without having to buy 2 full sets so I think we are just going to get them all done with our last name and then I can use them for both boys :)

I am trying to find a Canadian company. I will let you know how my search goes.

Any suggestions? Has anyone used these labels for kids?


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Tanya said...

We use these:

I have the same dilemma with two boys, so we just used our family name. The labels have an ID code, so that if you lose an item and someone finds it, they can contact the company so you can get your stuff back without sharing personal information.

Anonymous said...

I Reviewed "Olivers Labels" and "Applied Labels"

They both work really well and are affordable, But the Olivers labels are Adorable and as Tanya (Above) said They can set up I.D. Codes, so if something is lost & whoever finds it actually reports it online...You can get it back.

Hope this helps!
I'm a new follower by the way!

Canadian Coupon Mom said...

There are a few places for Canadians. Oliver Labels and Mabel's labels are two i know of. I reviewed Oliver's. I'm a new follower from Beauty Brite and I'm also a Canadian follower :)