Sunday, January 2, 2011


I LOVE to run!!!! I just never seem to make the time for it. I haven't ran in a couple months and just the last week I started C25K again. I remember when I was on week 5 thinking I would do anything to go back to easy week 1. Now that I just finished week 1 day 3 I honestly feel like I am way too out of shape! C25K is a great program to use to start running because it starts you off slow and builds up to more. I love the feeling of a good run even if my legs are killing me right now  You can see C25K Here.

Anyone else runners out there or tried C25K? This is my first time running on a treadmill and it is way different than outdoor running but I am getting used to it. Which do you prefer?

This is Wyatt trying on my running shoes in his stylish Bum genius diaper


Sandie lee said...

I use to run and there was nothing like it =)

Great blog - love the colours and template too! I'm your newest follower =)

Sandie lee

Queen Mom said...

LOL! I have 2 children who currently love to run around NAKED with shoes. ??? :)

Following you from the Frugal Blog hop!

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Bobbi said...

I started running after my first son. There are days I hate it! I'm now following you. You should come by my blog and check it out, I have all kinds of stuff on there. Hope you'll check it out at BJ

The Trophy Wife said...

My brother and sister-in-law started C25K in August. They both have lost about 40 lbs. each and look amazing. Plus, they are addicted to running now and have signed up for half marathons! I think that kind of dedication is amazing.

Thanks for following me! I really like your blog too!!