Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why we eat the way we do

I had a great conversation at our local market this morning about eating "Paleo". I have to say that I don't agree with the reasons behind "Paleo" eating. I don't eat the way I do because someone believes that it is the way cave men ate. I believe that what grains have become are not good for you, modern grains are not what they were in the past. It would be hard today to find grains that are not affected by modern farming (GMOs, pesticides, over used soil). Everything is so processed even "whole" grains that you buy in stores. I am still learning about grains and my diet and in the new year we may reintroduce some of the foods but I know I have never felt better and it is only making good changes in Wyatt.

Wyatt's behaviour has changed so drastically and we can see the immediate reaction to certain foods. I think it is so much more real when you actually see it happen in front of you. I don't think it is fair to Wyatt to give him the "treats" when we are out and then have him lose control because of them. This is such a hard time of year to make these changes since candy and treats are everywhere. We have had to take a break from some of the holiday parties and parades but we have done many fun holiday activities without the holiday foods.

The changes in food have made me realize how much we put on food in many of ways. A reward, a punishment, an emotional reaction, a way to celebrate or a way to socialize. I no longer meet a friend in a coffee shop (since I can't eat or drink anything there), I can't bribe the kids that if they are good at the grocery store we will get a cookie before we go, or make our friday game night about "fun" food like pizza and chips. We still make food that the kids find fun and they help me make it (always gives me the opportunity to talk to them about why we eat what we do).

Since we changed we have found new things to do with our time and our focus is no longer on food. I have communicated so much more with the children about their bodies and how we take care of them. The boys are also much more involved in choosing what we eat and why we eat certain foods together. It is more than just our eating it's our way of living and I am so happy that we made the change we did.

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