Friday, December 21, 2012

Eating healthy .. what does it cost me?

I get people tell me all the time that it is too expensive to eat the way we do. I know I pay more for certain things and less for others, I don't eat out, I don't buy expensive pre made foods or drinks. I think over all I don't really pay much more than I used to. In January (since we will have no TV and lots of time on our hands) I am going to keep track of everything we buy and cook during the month and how much it cost.

I will admit that the way I cook is a bit more time consuming but with some planning it can be super easy. I cook meals and freeze smaller portions for lunches or a supper in a hurry. We don't have a microwave so again I have to plan ahead even for heating up, I am thinking of getting a toaster oven though.

Once a week I will post what I spent on food. It is January so it will cost a bit more since I eat fresh produce and the price isn't so great this time of year. It will just be Wyatt and I most of the month.

I am curious how much it will be. I have not been very organized with our budget lately so I really do not know how much we have been paying for food (which is very odd for me since I am usually pretty on top of the budget).

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