Friday, December 7, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas

Wyatt's birthday is this weekend which means we can decorate for Christmas :) We put our tree up the weekend before Christmas, this year we will be decorating on the 22nd. We wait until after Wyatt's birthday to decorate the inside of the house and I am so excited to get the house all Christmasy :)

We started our advent bags on the first. We do small bags with a nativity magnet in it with an experience and activity to do for the day. Wyatt loves them! This year Alex also got a Lego advent calendar and he is having so much fun with it.

I love Christmas and the feeling it brings. I love how excited my kids are around this time of year and seeing all our family together.

I have some posts in the making about what we have been up to in December so far. One is an amazing photo shoot with Darling Mine Photography. I am so impressed with the photos as always! She came and just hung out with us at home for the afternoon. I am also planning on a post about my crazy weight loss and our advent bags. So much to write at such a busy time of year.

Going to get some sleep for another busy day tomorrow!

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