Monday, December 10, 2012

A 4th birthday party

Yesterday was Wyatt's 4th birthday. It was a fun but busy day :) We had a party for him and hired a magician (Calvin's magic for anyone local). The kids LOVED him and so did the adults. He was so worth the money!

We stayed at the hotel for the night after the party. I am a home body and really prefer to be home in my own bed but the kids love staying at the hotel whenever they get the chance. I had about 2 hours sleep, it is now 6am and I decided to write a blog post :) Mike is taking the boys to an indoor water park today after our photographer meets us to get a picture for our Christmas cards (I know I am late).

Food was a challenge for me at the party. I really wanted to do healthy foods and would have loved to have all Paleo safe foods but as we added up the amount of people we realized it was going to cost us quite a bit. We ended up doing a fruit tray, a veggie tray, pistachios, clementines, cheesies, and fruit bars then we had pizza and cake. I let Wyatt eat whatever he wanted and of course he ate a good portion if cheesies .. Lol. He didn't want any pizza but had some cake. Mike made him real pancakes for breakfast too. He was pretty wired I think part of it was the food (and juice) and part was the excitement of his birthday party and all the friends and family there. I had a piece of pizza, cake and some juice and I have been regretting it since I ate. I love the way I feel when we don't eat things like that but they are everywhere this time of year. We are done with parties for a few weeks then it is Christmas and there will be lots of goodies to get into.

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