Sunday, December 2, 2012

A lazy Sunday afternoon :)

Today was such a great day! We got up and dressed then Wyatt decided he wanted to put pjs back on and have a pajama day. I was ok with that :) we did some Christmas crafts from yesterday's advent bag and we learned to play a new card game with the cards from today's advent bag. Wyatt later decided we should cuddle in bed and watch the Smurfs. It really was such a great relaxing time spent with my boy.

I made a chicken in the crock pot since I needed some chicken stock. I use the recipe from 100 days of real food and I love it. We also made some mashed faux tatoes (cauliflower) with some baked carrots.

Chicken stock ready to cook, it smells wonderful!
A bear he made from the craft kit
Wyatt's pom pom tree
Wyatt playing with stickers and colouring with breakfast. 

I got my 2013 calendar and I love getting a new calendar. I love the organization of writing all the information on it and it is so fresh and new. I know I am weird but I really enjoy a new calendar :)

New calendar :)

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