Friday, December 21, 2012

Unplugged for January

Wow, January is coming up quick! In January we will be going "unplugged". We will be unplugging the televisions for the month and no social media (Facebook, twitter). I have decided to still blog and share what we do with our time without the technology in our faces.

It sounds like a simple thing to just unplug the televisions but really I think it will be hard. I fall asleep to the tv every night, tv is a part of Wyatt's bedtime routine, and it fills our day. We will find other things to do. I am going to have a busy basket with different things in it to keep Wyatt busy. We didn't have cable for 2 years and I loved it then we moved and had free cable for a bit which got me hooked back on tv.

January is kind of a hard month to do this because we are stuck inside more but I am sure we will still have fun with it.

We are continuing our Paleo eating even though this month has been hard. I am still making paleo meals and not buying junk but it is crazy the amount of treats there are everywhere this time of year.

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