Tuesday, January 1, 2013

wow 2013!

Where did 2012 go? I remember sitting with Mike December of 2010 and deciding to be processed free (or as close as we could) by December 2012 and it felt soooo far away. Here we are beyond what we ever thought we would be at this time. The changes we have made have made a big impact on me, I am shocked what food has been doing to us. Not just weight but mental, behavioural, and over all health. I feel amazing and proud of where we are right now and knowing I have so much more to learn in the year to come.

I have a friend that laughs at how we eat, not in a negative way but he just says "it is just eating real foods it doesn't need a name". I wish everyone would think that way and then we wouldn't have so many problems with health and obesity. We follow a Paleo diet but not 100%, we are not perfect at it and I am sure not many people are. We make a kick butt pizza with mozza cheese in the crust, no grains but cheese is dairy, my body hates dairy but I love that pizza! We have managed to go 2 months with having nothing non paleo (other than the odd brick of cheese) in our house. Over the holidays we did have some not-so-great-for-us foods at holiday parties and paid for it the following day(s) but it was so worth it.

January will be a busy month for me. I will be keeping track of every penny I spend on food (somewhat to prove a point to some people .. lol) and what we made in that time. I have so many people say they can not afford to eat this way but I think people can, I don't think money is the problem as much as having the time to do it. I am getting better with prepping and having all meals planned out to save time in the kitchen. Some ingredients can be more expensive but I save by not buying processed foods like crackers, cereal and snack foods. I also find we eat less food when we eat whole foods.

I did a squat challenge in December with some online friends and we did 2000 squats in the month of December. I feel like I should give us all a hand because that was tough .. lol. Now that it is done we have been wondering what to do next so we are doing a plank challenge and a sit up challenge.

This is the plank challenge. I am going to try my hardest to do the plank times in one plank but it may have to be split up because 4 minutes is one long plank!!

This is the squat challenge we did in December. We are going to do it again but with sit ups instead of squats. 

Twice a year I try to do a Facebook break. I find that other people's drama creeps into my life and I don't need it. I enjoy the break (even though I miss Facebook more than I like to admit) and it is nice since I am forced to actually talk to people more instead of relying on seeing everything on Facebook. It is a little crazy when I am gone because I feel like I miss so much and I can't help but wonder how people keep up with things without Facebook .. lol. I enjoy the groups I am in on Facebook and the amazing knowledge and support I have at almost anytime of the day or night. I have just started with Twitter because of this blog and I will also be taking a break from that for the month of January. The big thing that we will be taking a break from for the month (because Facebook wasn't enough .. lol) is television. I take pride in how little TV we watch in this house but it seems like it is creeping in more and more. When I was thinking about the Facebook break I decided that we would do a whole "unplugged" month and ditch the TV too. Today was our first day and all was fine until the evening since Wyatt usually gets to watch a tv show before bed. I told him that the TVs would be unplugged for 31 days and he looked at me like I was crazy and told me to just plug them back in :) I do love that the boys did not even notice until 7:30pm. I will be writing some posts about how it is going and what we are doing with our time without the TV.

Today is Mike's birthday so we had an amazing seafood dinner :) Everyone left full and happy. We had lobster, bacon wrapped scallops (we accidentally used mint toothpicks for them so they had a minty taste), steamed mussels, shrimp, garlic spinach, candied carrots, mashed faux-tatoes, and broc-cauli chowder. This was a special occasion dinner and will not be on the final budget for the month but we figured it out during dinner and the whole meal cost around $140 which isn't bad for the amount of seafood we had and we fed 7 people.

mmmmmm seafood!!

I will not be answering posts on Facebook or Twitter so leave a comment here for me :)

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Wednesday and I've just read your blog Kim,crazy couple of days.Mike on my text as I type,more later