Wednesday, January 9, 2013

mmmmm .. crock pot chicken :)

Tuesday - We went grocery shopping today and bought a fruit dish (Wyatt was hungry and it was lunch time. I usually prefer to make them at home since it is cheaper to just cut up your own fruit), 1L choc milk (special treat), a container of Greek yogurt (Wyatt has been doing well with dairy being Introduced, it is just the small one and we will see how he does with it), shrimp, whole chicken, sausage, bananas and cauliflower. Total = $26.40

Breakfast was banana pancakes out of the freezer (.20), lunch was fruit and sausage ($4), supper was this crock pot chicken from 100 days of real food ($6.20) I love this chicken! I make stock from it after the chicken is cooked ($2). I get about 8 cups out of it. I freeze the chicken stock in ice cube trays, once they are frozen I put them in a large freezer bag. Each cube is 2 tablespoons and I use them in recipes :) cheap to make and I know exactly what is in it. Total $12.40
Chicken cooking in the crock pot. The house smells amazing when I make this!
Wyatt told me he was cold and wanted to cuddle in the blanket on the couch, he was talking to me while I was cooking them he just stopped. Out cold for 2 hours :)
Wednesday - We have people coming to see our house. I am not a fan of strangers coming in my house but I really want to sell it. We are buying a house on 10 acres which will be awesome because we are going to have some animals and a big garden :) I have been crazy busy this last 2 days trying to get the house ready for people to come see it while keeping up with Wyatt and the messes he makes. He has been crazy the last few days.

Today we had some Greek yogurt, butternut squash and bananas for breakfast. ($3) lunch was sausage and cauli rice with broccoli (this was frozen when it was in season, I love my freezer!) ($4) supper was chicken soup and Wyatt ate 5 small bowls I think it is safe to say he is a fan of the soup :). I made it from the stock I made over night and used some of the leftover chicken from yesterday with vegetables ($.50) I still have 4 cups of stock left to freeze. We snacked on apples and shrimp Total $11.50

I had to run to the grocery store again and I picked up Avocados, bananas, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery, green grapes, kale, kiwis, leeks, green peppers and sweet potatoes the total was $23.05

Total meals made to date = $49
Total groceries bought to date = $94.45

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