Monday, January 7, 2013

What we do with no TV

I already posted about our food and thought I would do a separate post with pictures from the last few days of how we are keeping ourselves occupied :)

one of Wyatt's favourite things is circling books he wants form the scholastic book order :)

Wyatt made a person out of cheese and named him cheese head


learning how to take care of baby animals .. we can;t have them pooping on the floor he told me .. lol

he loves playing with Alex's games so I made him a page so we could make it a game he can play. We each pick letters form the bag and if he can name the letter then he gets to find a matching letter on the "board"

Lots of writing. here he is writing Bs

some iPad time :)

lots of games!

I made him a dinosaur for "knitting" he loves these things

He has been loving all the extra attention he has been getting. He has been showing a huge interest in letters and writing his letters this week so I am taking advantage of that! 

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