Thursday, January 3, 2013

Getting back into a routine

Mike left for work today. We loved having him home for 2 weeks! It always takes a few days to get back into routine and the holidays always mess with routines.

Mayo in the food processor 
This morning we had egg salad with bacon. I made mayo again (this is the 4th try) it turned out pretty good. It cost me around $3 to make and has nothing bad in it. You can see the recipe here from "the clothes make the girl". $3.50 for bacon and 2.80 for eggs about .30 worth of lettuce. Bacon is from Churchhill Natural Meats and it is all drug and hormone free "happy" pigs. The eggs are from a local free range farm. Lunch we had leftover chili. Supper we ate leftover seafood and leftover "potatoes" and carrots. So those meals did not cost us anything. we had some cucumber, kiwi, leftover chicken and an apple for snacks. Todays' total for food has been about $10.

Wyatt playing bilingual memory match
Tv free day 3 has gone well. Wyatt has asked three times to watch TV and I told him we were not watching it until the month is done. He said ok and walked away .. lol. We started reading the "magic Treehouse" book series today and finished book #1. I read these with Alex and I love them I hope Wyatt will love them all just as much. I am reading "Wheat Belly" by William Davis, it is really such an interesting book. I love that I have more time to read without TV and Facebook (my 2 biggest time wasting activities). Wyatt and I played some games and did some puzzles too. I felt like I had so much more time today.

I did my 30 sit ups today and 1m 30s plank. I am not so strong in the plank department. We will be back at the gym next week. Wyatt loves the programs and activities the Y has and I love doing the classes. We have not been to the gym much since we changed foods November 1st for some reason. I am pretty sure I have the food thing down now and we are going back to the Y :)

I am not so great with technology things but I have decided to check out some apps on the iPad. I love how many great educational apps there are for the kids. I still think they should be using non technology means of learning but it is fun for 30 mins a day to do some hands on learning with the iPad. I am shocked how fast Wyatt is learning how to do things on it.

The boys enjoying a game together on Alex's iPad


Kristy said...

We got the blackberry tablet for christmas, and I am surprised also. I was so against them for kids, but with all the educational apps on it, I am really enjoying it. I am a little dissappointed that there is no HWT app for the blackberry :( But there are phonics :)

Kim said...

I don't own one yet. The one Wyatt is using Alex bought with his own money. There are awesome apps for them. You can't get all the same apps we can?

kristy said...

No, they are different :(. I think they all have different "app stores".

Kim said...

bummer. It was easy for us because we have the iPhones too and an iPod and an Mac book .. seriously Apple has taken over my house! they are all connected to we can use the apps on any of them :)